The circle - across architecture, staging, branding and broadcast design.

Antibody, powered by the formidable production resources of Elastic, directed this package of logos, animations and video content for MTV's signature event. The logo was monochrome, minimalist and geometric - and circular. For the in-show video content, this circular form exploded into vibrant, crazy generative turbines of colour, form and movement - each a unique sculptural "signature" of the video they represent. Or, as we affectionately called them, donuts.

Executive Producer: Lee Lodge
Coordinating Producer: Chase Simonds
Production Coordinator: Sara Miller

Design Studio: Elastic

Creative Director: Patrick Clair
Design & Animation Lead: Raoul Marks
Designer: Paul Kim
Animation: David Do, Peter Murphy, Alan Chen
Producer: Carol Collins
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall


Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Austyn Daines
Assistant Editor: Arielle Zakowiski
Producer: Lauren Wilson

Audio Design: Cryptext
Additional Audio Design: Trumpdisco

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