When you attend a business event, the first question most people ask is “What do you do?”
Most business owners do not take the opportunity to use this opening to provide an answer that makes people want to hear more. Being able to pitch your business without being seen as “selling” is a powerful way to connect and start a business relationship.
Your pitch needs to be simple and to flow naturally in the conversation.
Antony Gaddie created a 3 step formula which is easy to implement. It consists in three short paragraphs. Each paragraph is one or two sentences long and starts respectively by: “You know how… What we do is… In fact…”
This simple 3 step formula makes people ask more questions. They want to know more about you following your introduction...

Practice your Gaddie Pitch.

For more information visit: MyGaddiePitch.com

You can use MyGaddiePitch.com to practice the Gaddie Pitch. When you are satisfied with the content and the delivery of your Gaddie Pitch, MyGaddiePitch.com provides a short url that you can place on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and on many other Social Networks.

Anyone clicking on the URL will view your pitch and will be able to get in touch with you without having to register anywhere.

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