Every year I visit this time of autumn little Idan Rayhat Reef with it's abandoned fishing hut. And every year there's one butterfly of same species, trapped inside the hut, trying without any chance to escape flutter through the window. After catching and releasing they have always flied away, but this one did not. In fact, it went lifeless in front of my eyes. So this is a one shot movie about the dead of a trapped butterfly. Sad and true.

The sound is recorded from the door opening of the hut with spaced omnis. A gentle wind is blowing through the missing boards, last remaining terns are calling and the sea goes on the shallow shore.

By the shipper of old oak skiff "Bris" Jan Eerala, Makholma Finland


PS. Nothing done in editing of the video except a clipping of 3 s from the beginning and end. So except compression it's straight out from the camera. (And that was a cheap Nikon Aw110)

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