ROADRUNNER (Traffic Simulation Tools For Grasshopper, WIP) is a set of tools and user objects for sketching particle systems on trajectories to simulate vehicle animation and urban traffic behavior. It consists of several components such as:

-Vehicle elements (3D objects and a component for custom vehicles; in the videos some free 3D models downloaded directly from Google Warehouse are shown)
-Traffic Velocity Graphs, drawn on every trajectory curve (allow custom graphs drawn directly on Rhino)
-Traffic regulation elements (such as Traffic Lights and Stop Signals) and traffic density management
-Particle Systems on trajectory curves, just to manage the traffic regulations and avoid collisions based on security distances
-Traffic Vehicle Animation Modes (to display the vehicles as Dots, Bounding Boxes or complex Meshes keeping the object attributes for final rendering; for the videos we use a version of Giulio Piacentino´s Render Animation)
-Vehicle Lights and Vehicle Sights, to make visual studies
-By now, there are no (wheel) constraints implemented, trajectories are free path based curves

-Sergio del Castillo Tello (Doctor No, Lead Programmer)
-Everyone that wants to get involved, support.. these tools

(All the detailed models used as examples were downloaded from google warehouse free repository)

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