Light and color speak the way I feel, sound and music paint the way I see.
I can’t draw. I can’t play. I got nothing to say.
I painted moving images on long and tormenting sounds. Rustica Progenie speaks for me, and about me.

Images built up on single instrumental tracks that I extrapolated and isolated and re-edited from musical tracks composed and played by PaoloF: the over-drive guitar leads with her torment all my colored brush strokes fulfilling the light, forced between two straight lines, not free of leaving her canvas, yet and therefore in moto perpetuo. Light and color sometime blend together, sometime split, or they intersect in a mutual search, discovering each other, loosing each other again.
A visual delirium through abstract images directly from the author’s (in)sane brain flooding free on several fool sound tracks by Maestro Paolo Favati, with a final make-up by the delicate hands of Mr. Fabio Bianchini and with a deep phone-visual-emotional advising by Maestro Roberto Galassini.
Thisi is the first chapter of the Enoklettica Trilogy.

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