Take a look at the inner child to bring back its frenzies of glee, it’s devastating rages and its juvenile cruelties.
Magic, disillusion, and lucidity: dive into childhood as the archeologist of emotional memory and search for the secret logic beneath the apparent chaos of life. Flow in a rush on the tide of memories, breast outstretched, revealing in the surge of bodies caught up by the gush, finally to plummet, dropping head down, the heart at an oblique tilt. And there is also the unbelievable exertion of heaving against the current, pushing up the slope of long past reminiscence and adult responsibilities, bodies clashing in reserved closeness, in a playful and festive tussle.

Next season (2010/2011), Guilherme Botelho will be restaging 'Vaguement Derrière' with the ballet of Theater Bielefeld (Germany).


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