‘We are fallen. We have come up. When you get the chance to move on, we move on. It is essential that someone has to lift you up – when you get up you can help the next person up.’
A survivor of torture from FALL AND RECOVER
Read Deborah Jowitt/Village Voice: villagevoice.com/2011-03-30/dance/juilliard-revives-nijinska-s-les-noces-the-irish-modern-dance-theatre-brings-fall-and-recover-to-la-mama/3/
FALL AND RECOVER is an exciting and moving work created by Irish choreographer John Scott in collaboration with Survivors of Torture receiving care from the Centre for Care for Survivors of Torture, Dublin. Coming from ten countries, Scott focussed on exploring and highlighting their extraordinary presence and their dignity and determination. They have lost home, career, family, wives, husbands, parents, children and health but their dance celebrates the power of the human spirit and carries imprints from their lives, their loss and their future hopes. Speaking of his experiences with CCST Clients, Scott says: ‘what blows me away is their dignity. They are survivors, positive, optimistic and forward looking. They are so hungry and motivated. FALL AND RECOVER is term invented by legendary American Choreographer and Dance pioneer Doris Humphrey for her technique where ‘Dance occurs in the frightening moment between falling and recovering by the arc swept by a body moving between equilibrium and uncontrol’ – this is how I see their experience.

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