We’re always talking about the future of design, the future of technology, the future of MAKING. In a world where windowless air travel will give new meaning to the term ‘flying by air’, a world where coolers with embedded blenders have overtaken smart watches for funding records on Kickstarter, how do we find the next big thing ? MakerGalaxy is a show that explores the crossroads of Design, Technology, and the Future of Making.

This week we talked with Daniel Gindis and Isaac Atlas of FUGU Luggage. FUGU is a new take on luggage design that allows a standard carry-on size bag expand into into a full-featured, maximum-size suitcase.

We’ll talk with Daniel and Isaac about everything from where they got their start in the world of product design, what tools they used to create an expanding luggage concept, to how they approached their upcoming Kickstarter campaign and more.

To find out more about Daniel, Isaac or FUGU, head to FuguLuggage.com!

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