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Promos, Short Films, VFX & Animation, Title Sequences, Script Development, Pre-Vis & Storyboards, Photography, Corporate, Music & Sound Design ...thewholebuffalo®

Outstanding production quality, directly from the artists. Competitive rates. No middlemen, no bull**** ...The Whole Buffalo.

thewholebuffalo® is a team of experienced freelance filmmakers and artists working together to deliver a full production service, from script to screen. Collectively we’ve also worked on the visual effects for blockbusters including The Dark Knight, Gravity, Avatar and many others. Our further contacts in the industry form a vast network of potential which can be tapped whenever needed.

thewholebuffalo® projects are primarily the work of director, editor and compositor James Roberts, CG artist Jon Bosley and musician and sound designer Dan McRae. Individually we focus on our strengths, but together we represent thewholebuffalo®

Check out the showreel above, like/stalk us on Facebook, or browse our full portfolio. Or not... these are simply suggestions, not orders.

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