Simon Strömberg heads Unga Berättar (Speaking Youth), a media & democracy centre at the School of Arts in Stockholm, Sweden. There, with 6 colleagues, he works with digital storytelling to bring the voice of young people to where it is most needed -- into policy, governmental and organisational work that will impact their lives. I asked him:

• How did your interest in storytelling — especially digital storytelling -- and storywork begin and how have you used it in your work?
• How can storytelling help to shift our concepts of young people today — especially those at risk or in trouble?
• Media, democracy, education today -- if you had a magic wand, what would they become?
• How does working with digital storytelling work? An example from a recent project.
• What advice would you give others who want to begin to work with digital storytelling and/or media that supports positive social change?

In the interview, Simon mentions the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California ( and its founder Joe Lambert. Find out more about Speaking Youth here: You can reach Simon here:

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