"Turning the Tide" is a short piece created by Starshine Video Productions. It was produced as a thought provoking piece that premiered at the 30th anniversary celebration evening for Muskoka Women's Advocacy Group.

"Turning the Tide" is a small snip-it and look into a much larger systemic issue of domestic violence. As a big believer in the importance of prevention, prevention in the areas of health, well being, social issues, systemic change, poverty, bullying and so much more, it was important to me that this piece looked at the bigger picture and what can we do as everyday folk to prevent violence in any relationship from happening? What can we teach ourselves? Our kids? What do we need to be open to talking about, and where do we start?

It was very important to me while creating "Turning the Tide" that men and boys were included, no social issues can be solved in this world while leaving out 50% of the population in the discussions and ways in which we support each other.

With a strong collection of powerful interviews with Muskoka residents and agencies, my hope for this piece is that it will be a catalyst for some great dialogue in our classrooms, at our board room meetings, at the staff lunch table, and most importantly - at our family dinner tables.

Please enjoy & share,

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