The Kleptones: "Untired"
From the album "Downtime" and part of the Videotones project.

The video features footage from the 1980 movie, "Altered States". The film follows the story of a Harvard scientist, played by William Hurt, who becomes obsessed with finding the universal truth of existence through the use of psychedelic drugs and sensory deprivation. In the course of his self-experimentation he almost loses his humanity but is brought back from the brink by his estranged wife who loves him - and won't grow tired of him - in spite of his all-consuming obsession. Eventually he learns that there is no truth beyond human existence, so finds his own answer to the question, "is this just desire or the truth?". It's a tenuous link, I know, but a good excuse to make use of the film's captivating imagery.

Audio by The Kleptones
Video by The Reborn Identity

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