A quick demo of the sounds you can expect from the 3 oscillator Optical Theremin you can build on Theremin Day.

Don't adjust your monitor, the video is filmed in the dark to illustrate the effect of shining light on your Theremin. I have not demo'd the circuit itself, as it's still at the prototype / breadboard stage.

You will see a number of lights and hear the way they alter the sound. Towards the end you will hear the effect of the power starve knob. Specifically:

0:00 - 0:55 : explanation
0:56 - 1:16 : flapping my shed door
1:19 - 1:27 : wiggling a bike light around
1:28 - 1:46 : flashing bike light
1:47 - 1:57 : flashing bike light & voltage starve


More information here: fizzpop.org.uk/events/theremin-day-24th-april-2010/
Booking here: mrunderwood.eventwax.com/theremin-day---workshop

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