In the winter of 2014 McClain Porter and Kevin Frazier took to the road and traveled from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific North West and back to the Rocky Mountains on a 100 day road trip in search of good times, good snow, and good people. It seemed only suitable that we would spend a week or two settling into each of the most revered mountain towns in all of North America. With the undying support of a long list of friends and family, we procured the essentials in order to see, ski, and live in all of the places we had stuck in our heads from the tales of those who had struck gold before us. Images of the sought-after steep, deep, and stable snow-covered hills lingered behind our eyes as we loaded up the truck, snowmobile, and camper trailer full of necessisities for a long and cold winter on the road. Enjoy the video of an epic winter!

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Edited By: Kevin Frazier
Filmed By: Kevin Frazier, McClain Porter, George Rodney, Tess Carney, Shane Orchard
Shot In: Montana, Wyoming, and Washington

On The Road Again
Willie Nelson

The Mother
Xavier Rudd
Food In the Belly

Come Let Go
Xavier Rudd
White Moth


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