Jamie's performance was commissioned by MOA to accompany her artist talk on 'Therapeutic Interpretive Biographies'; a hybridized artistic version of photographic art therapy.
As part of the creative process for building her performance, jamie had sent out a questionnaire, two weeks prior to the event, asking friends, family and colleagues to answer six simple questions about her, using an anonymous online questionnaire. From their answers she constructed an 18 minute soundtrack. Jamie used her own voice to record their words which were interwoven with a previously improvised music score by Viviane Houle and Stefan Smulovitz; a previous interdisciplinary collaboration called Gesture4.
Jamie led the audience through an intimate performance of "self-imposed art therapy", using the technology onboard I.V.Y.
With the topics of self, ego and identity very much at the forefront of this work the name I.V.Y. (interactive virtual you) refers to the rolling technology trolley that jamie constructed for the 3 day event. She titles herself as 'me', creating a nomenclature of separation between herself and the technology that she is using for the performance. Jamie wore all black with a thin black silk balaclava over her head to mask her own physical identity, further calling into question the notion of self-hood and the role of externalized technology in modern-day identity.

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