I grasp every opportunity to impact my community through my own art works.
I seek to utilize different fields of art and experiment with new artistic techniques. However, my choice of mode and medium depends on what I want the audience to take away, how I want them to look at my work and where I want my creation to take them. My art, whether installation art or simply on canvas, allows me to create a physical manifestation of what goes on inside my mind. From there I can express my thoughts, not only for my audience to critique, but to expose them to different perspectives or my own.
As a child, I was continuously captivated by the different ways art could be made and presented. I like to indulge myself in the many different areas of art. Whether it’s film, printmaking, painting, drawing, designing and creating; I seem to have a portion of interest in each.
My eye towards art and design began to develop at a very early age. Born in Jordan With my Palestinian grandmother being a painter, my Lebanese mother a jewelry designer and my Jordanian father having a great interest in cars; I have constantly been surrounded by distinct artistic minds. The impact these people have had on me has allowed my artistic mind to flourish in the different areas of art. My grandmother taught me about the beauty in everything surrounding us, as she painted flowers by my side in her garden. My mother influenced me to design and create things whole-heartedly as I would observe her threading semi precious stone beads into a brass wire. My time spent with my father exploring different cars enlightened me upon the importance of having exquisite design and uniformly, excellent quality and functionality of products. Living in Canada for 5 years has exposed me to the contrast between culture and art between the eastern and western regions of the world. The lessons I have learnt from my loved ones were able to nurture my artistic and creative mind.
Reading National Geographic magazines in my pastime enlightened me about matters and controversies taking place around the world, and what people are trying to do to make the world a better place.
The moment I had read in my local newspaper about my country’s plan to build an active nuclear power plant,I instantly knew that this was an issue that I would genuinely like to approach and dedicate myself to.
I made an awareness video and uploaded it onto YouTube and The number of hits started to gradually grow and the video eventually reached the ‘Engineer’s Association of Jordan’.The head of the association contacted me and invited me to the association’s conference where I received a plaque award as recognition.
I was then interviewed by a journalist who published my story in the local newspaper.
I then sent in my video to the Uranium Film Festival in Rio De Janeiro where my video won amongst over three hundred others, and I won the Yellow Oscar award.
I grew more confident, and I truly believed so much more in myself and what I am capable of. I entered a school post card competition and won the award for best postcard in 10th grade. My new self encouraged my peers to elect me as Head Girl of my school, and this aided in developing my confidence and leadership even more.
During this time, I also realized other things about myself. I liked colors, a lot. And I did not like seeing anything plain or white, this pushed me to work and conceal a plain surface with colors, creativity and anything that sprung to my imagination. What was also white was my books at school, and because of my sensitivity to the white colored pages, I was not able to concentrate while reading what so ever…The words would jump around and I would see rivers flowing down the page in between lines and words. The solution to this problem was to wear dark lensed glasses while reading and in class. But I think what makes me the artist I am today is my disturbance to white and plain backgrounds. If I wear these glasses, I no longer have the strong incentive to turn something plain into a piece of art.
Through the trio of art, design and creation, I have been able to put together a medium that I could never put into words. “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them” –Steve Jobs, and for this reason, I will continue to bring the unexpected to surface and turn heads.

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