Winter. 1944.
Nazi officer, Dr. Bucher must create the ultimate warrior for the fuhrer. All his experiments until now have ended in failure. And with the Americans closing in on Berlin, time is running short. The doctor performs his experiment on a concentration camp child. She transforms into a hideous creature, And Hell is unleashed...

Directed & Produced by Tony Wash
Written by Johnny 5 &Tony Wash

Kyle Anthony Silviera, Brad Fowler Doug, Heiar Kevin Zaideman, Chad Meyer, Autumn Myers, Adam Stephenson, Steven James Price, Tony Lee Gratz, Ellie Danisch, Hank Danisch, Kendyl Lynch, Cameron Cox, James Barbee, Andrew Janzen, Shannon Kerin, Brandy Beauchamp, Dakota Raen Robbins, J.J. McDowell, Eric Schuman, Jason R. Wroblewski

Producers- Tony Wash, Ford Austin, Chad Gravenites, Mitch Martinez, Josh Martin, Jason Patfield, Christopher Patrick, Steven James Price, Stephen Wymer

Director of Photography- Mitch Martinez

Art Direction- Amy Furrow, Andrew Jenzen
Special Effects-Christopher Patrick, Kevin Carter

Bennie Woodell, Jake Hull, Nick Green, James Barbee, Timon Morales, Bret Dorman, Rhett McClure, Curtis Clegg, J.D. Scruggs, Josh Martin, Scot Fontaine

"...A chance in Hell still implies a Chance."

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