This project explores the cultural significance of data frequencies. Four projection surfaces display data feeds describing the intersections between seemingly mundane aspects of our collective everyday experience. Numbers, colors, and complementary word pairings are scraped from Twitter, isolated from their original message context, and displayed in real-time, generating visual and temporal patterns intrinsic to the data. Each display represents a single dataset, juxtaposing past and present, the individual and the multitude, the frequent and the infrequent. The outcome is a conversation, and a space for contemplating the connections that may emerge from the overlooked moments in our lives.

Installed at Project No.8 and Project No.8b through March 2010 as part of the Mannam exhibition series, organized by Hoon Kim and Andrew Sloat.

Format: Processing
Design/Development: E Roon Kang & Christian Marc Schmidt

Copyright 2010 E Roon Kang & Christian Marc Schmidt. All rights reserved.

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