Roberto Paci Dalò
audio-visual performance

A touching journey based on the invisible architecture of sound and electric dust. Dealing with the space through resonance, reverbs, echoes. A chemical laboratory where thin acoustical textures are developed through revolving layers and abstract forms. Moving on the threshold between broken melodies, loops, voice frequencies, soundscapes, and noise. Magnetica creates an aural sonic and visual environment every time different and challenging.
Magnetica is conceived as a cycle of exercises using the sound as a central point of investigation. A series of parts which are not just sections of a major piece. Instead they are autonomous and living creatures developing in a organic way, recombining elements. The visual elements are partly generated from the sound itself.

concept, live electronics, images, music Roberto Paci Dalò
visual programming Giacomo De Luca
production Giardini Pensili, Velvet Factory
with the support of Provincia di Rimini, Regione Emilia Romagna,
Accordo di Programma Quadro - GECO - Ministero della Gioventù

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