Part of "Savvy Indie Solutions to Difficult Development Problems" with Andy Schatz (MONACO) and Adam Saltsman (CANABALT), Alec Holowka's talk at the 2010 Game Developers Conference's Independent Games Showcase is on holistic game design.


Below is the summary from the official GDC website.

Games. The final frontier. These are the voyages of three independent game designers. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new designs, to seek out new mechanics and new worlds, and to boldy go where AAA studios can't. Big games are inundated by sequels, lovingly rendered in brown and gray normal maps, and voice acted by Nolan North. But it's not their fault! Andy Schatz (MONACO), Alec Holowka (AQUARIA), and Adam Saltsman (CANABALT) explain why, then explore the gaping expanse of blue sky that surrounds the mainstream industry. Three unique approaches to game design are exposed in a conversation about what makes games tick, what these designers obsess over, why they love game design, and how to thrive in the wilderness that surrounds the mainstream game industry.

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