Exhibited as part of the "Expanding Horizons: Manufacturing New Landscapes" show at Art+Shanghai Gallery, July 1-September 25, 2010.

From the August 2010 issue of Time Out Shanghai: "The strongest entry is American Ben Houge's video installation Study for Insomnia, which sets out to create a new language for landscape art, further honing his patented computer-generated algorithm programme that ingeniously takes recorded images and sounds and projects unpredictable combinations of both. The resulting video alternates between various landscape forms—clouds one minute, water the next—while also spanning emotional distances. Changes in light and form elicit different reactions from viewers; dark, manacing forms give way instantly to bursts of euphoric light. It is a beautiful work that satisfies both intellectually and aesthetically."

This piece started out as a simple study in non-linear video structure, developed as an extension of a conversation with Macao artist Cindy Ng 吴少英. We both had pieces in the Wuwei 无为 show at Art+Shanghai Gallery, which ran Sept. 9-Nov. 1, 2009. Cindy had a video piece running on a DVD in the same room as my four-channel sound installation Lukou 路口. The two complimented each other quite nicely (a genius stroke by curator Diana Freundl!), and we started talking about how to use Jitter to deploy her video using the same real-time techniques as my audio.

For this video I created some new source footage (is it obvious what it is?), but we're planning a new collaboration for 2010 using some new video material she's been working on.

Since our first conversation, I've presented this piece as an installation (1-channel video, 4-channel audio) at The Nut, and as a performance (1-channel video, 2-channel audio) at Creek Art Center.

Some parameters of the audio of this piece (filter frequency) are controlled by video parameters. Read more about that and everything else on my blog: benhouge.com/writings/?p=364

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