Two upright lollipop sticks, each with three marks on one side, turn around to show three marks on the other side. The three marks, like all three drawn marks, take on the appearance of two eyes and a mouth. As the lollipop sticks turn, on one side the mouth is a line, a closed mouth. On the other side the mouth is a small black circle, an open mouth. The lollipop sticks turn back and forth and the mouths open and close, singing the saddest and most plaintive song, something once heard in the distance in an ancient French film – Les Enfants du Paradis or La Ronde. Unlike those classics, almost every aspect of this film is almost nothing, and yet that is why it is so haunting and so memorable. It feels like an empty dream.
(Lynda Morris, excerpt from Drawing Links Catalogue, 2006)

Exhibitions & Screenings
Tatton Park Biennial, Manchester
Cheap Like Wow, UAMO 2008, Munich
Screen Celebration, Cambridge Film Trust, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
Another Roadside Attraction, London
CCA Gallery, Glasgow
Fresh, South Hill Park, Bracknell
Dark & Daring, Ipswich
Cambridge Film Festival, Cambridge
Time Based Media Invitational, Artspace, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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