Music For Good proudly presents Built To Last - a musical drama production that speaks about building lives on the right foundation - a rock solid foundation.

Music For Good was held in Emmanuel Assembly of God on the 27th of March 2010 in conjunction with a flea market in hopes of raising funds to build homes for the underprivileged in Batam, Indonesia under the organisation called Habitat for Humanity.

Director: Rachael Gunasilan
Choreographer (drama): Isaac Ong

Cast (In order of appearance):
Jarrold Ng, Gaius Gay, Huang Ying Chuan, Jayne Tong, Roland Tan, Aiken Chia, Francesca, Grace Ke & Gabriel Gay

Rachael Gunasilan, Aiken Chia, Chris Van Winkle, Michelle Gunasilan, Gabriel Gay & Vanessa Tan

Piano - Gabriel Gay
Keys - Zheng Shu Jing
Electric Guitar - Melvin Takahata & Alvin Tay
Bass - Sunny Tupaz
Drums - Nelson Tay

Dance Crew: Dedi-K-ted

Lights & Sound: Ade Kins, Winnie Chong, Millicent Poh, Gideon Soh & Matthew Tay

Built To Last - Musical
An Emmanuel Assembly of God & CFC Production
Copyrighted 2010

**Disclaimer: Emmanuel Assembly of God - CFC does not own the original pieces of music featured in this production. All songs were done as covers and some of their lyrics altered.

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