In this video you get to see the footage that was intended to be used in the third chapter of WITHIN.

The unused scene: " Time to pay her a visit"- Domonic decides he's had enough. After trying to contact
his girlfriend after 2 weeks, a frustrated Domonic takes it upon himself to pay her a visit.
"Alina" (played by Lauren Ortiz), has dealt with much abuse from Dom and has chosen to finally confront him.
The scene is not complete. The rest of it was never shot.

The visual effects shots: "My name is Abraham"
Both characters played by Mike Valentine, were to test different ways of incorporating one person as two characters into one shot.
Other test shots were to test different techniques in moving the story along visually.
Though Chapter three may never happen, you can get an idea of what was to come.

WITHIN is a psychological thriller with bits of horror, suspense, mystery and action.

A man dealing with the problems of his present life, comes to terms with his past. Haunted by nightmares daily, Dominic must decide what lies true WITHIN himself and the world that surrounds him.

Lauren ortiz

Story + Edited + FX + Starring + Shot & Directed by Michael Valentine

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