A short stop motion animation film by Sarah Sovereign.

Assistant : Jamie Finley

Music :
The Coo Coo Bird - The Be Good Tanyas
White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
Melody of a Fallen Tree - Windsor for the Derby

About :

'Little Brown Owl Goes Outside' was created over the span of three months. Each image, over 2500 of them, was taken with a trusty Canon Digital Rebel on sunny mornings and rainy afternoons from January to March. Sarah Sovereign is a photographer working out of Chilliwack, BC, as well as a visual arts student. This film was created for a course. It juxtaposes the classic idea of an epic quest, with the presentation of kitsch and knick knacks. You can see more of her work here : sarahsovereign.com .

The three pottery owls seen with little Brown Owl are from Bottle and Jug Works, a little pottery shop near Tlell on the Queen Charlotte Islands. They were crafted by John and Jennifer Davies. All other knick knacks are just things picked up here and there, via thrift stores and craft markets.

Currently the film is playing at the UFV art gallery, displayed in a tiny cedar box owl movie theatre.

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