EDIT: Currently part of The Kleptones live AV set, so shown at Bootie London at Cargo, London and loads of other places (probably Glasto too)!

The 6th video from The Videotones is about television - an intentional theme running through nearing all the videos but here Instamatic takes The Kleptones 'Mad Groove' and merrily skips through 24 films, TV shows and music videos channel surfing as he goes, causing upset and destruction in his wake. Remember: don't watch the blipverts, or your eyes will go square.

Oh and TV is bad, mmkay? OBEY!

Sources used:

Requiem for a Dream
Steal This Film II
Stay Tuned
Truman Show
Filth and the Fury
Medium Cool
Max Headroom
They Live
Evidence by Godfrey Reggio
Daft Punk - Robot Rock
YMO - Live
Great Rock n' Roll Swindle
Zabriskie Point
Times Square
Last Emperor
Kraftwerk Tour de France
Double 99 - Rip Groove video...

Instamatic: mutantpop.net
Kleptones: kleptones.com

We're still looking for contributors to turn the rest of the Uptime / Downtime album into video - so give us as shout or email Eric at eric@kleptones.com if you're interested.

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