Reports of witches in Kenya resulted in eleven people being burned to death. Eight women and three men were attacked by an angry mob and set on fire. The attacks took place in an area of west Kenya where suspicion of witchcraft runs deep. Police have drafted extra security forces into Kisii district to prevent revenge attacks—this in a region already reeling from tribal
killings during Kenya's post-election crisis.

Burned alive - the charred corpses of 11 elderly Kenyan villagers accused of practising witchcraft.

Neighbours described how a mob, armed with a list of suspected witches, descended on the village in western Kenya.

Their victims - 8 women and 3 men - were set alight, one by one.

Pastor Enock Obiero's wife was among the victims.

[Enocj Obiero, Bereaved Pastor]:
"My child told me she didn't know where her mother was as she thought she'd run away. I asked her where, as I didn't see her from where I'd hidden myself. It seems she never left the house."

Traditional African beliefs, Christianity and Islam co-exist peacefully in Kenya. But there's widespread suspicion of sorcery, particularly in west Kenya, which has a long tradition of witch doctors and faith healers.

The police are appealing for calm.

Extra police have been deployed in the region to prevent further bloodletting.

The region is still recovering from the tribal violence that convulsed Kenya earlier this year following the country's disputed elections.

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