I have just recently come to visit the folks and since I cant bring my heavy duty pc to do some modeling I'm stuck with my mums old laptop, but I figured I would get some practice in during the Easter holidays anyway.

I had some limitations that were unavoidable such as memory constraints and the fact that the laptop struggled to do the some of the features I use on a regular basis.
(I lost about a half hours work due to asking it to equalize the models surface, thankfully I saved a copy before I did that).

This is also a experiment in something I learnt from the company Eat3d, I started the character with 3 image poses (that I had off screen) and began with a zsphere only, I then zsketched on top of the sphere and drew out the rough skin layout of the head.
I did a unified skin from that and worked on cleaning up the skin and adding in the detail and colour.
The process allowed me to get on with the job of getting the high poly character done quickly, and worry about the re-topology later into a low poly character when I have access to my more powerful pc.
I also tried out the movie option on zbrush and due to it coming out pretty well I thought Id post it here and see what reaction it would get.

A couple of things to mention,
1: Yes I know it could be more detailed, I have had this problem that due to it limiting me to 700,000 polys I could not get the really nice folds or creases that I wanted.I did the best I could and had to settle with a low poly(ish) version of the character and hope to work on it more later.

2: I usually work in 3dsmax first and build a very low poly version of a character, then import it into zbrush to work further on.But with this method available to me now I think I might have to change my pipeline a little.

Anyway I hope you find it interesting and I look forward to your comments.


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