A.SUMMARY: The video shows an AutoControls.org Model 206 "Automatic Switching Block" operating on the Washington, Virginia, & Maryland GRS's display at the March 2010 East Coast Large Scale Train Show. This control unit controls 3 trains on the same track (plus the handcar which can be considered sort of an "extra".)
* AutoControls.org (aka James Ingram) wishes to THANK the WVMGRS for allowing me to demonstrate this system on their display layout, and to THANK member JEFF MITULLA for use of his video footage and photos, which you will be viewing in this video.
* WvmGrs.org - Washington, Virginia, & Maryland GRS's web page.
* youtube.com/watch?v=VsmmCyyCMa4 - A track-level tour of the display's large elevated loop, video by member Geoff Cullison.
* youtube.com/watch?v=eh9bZkbQJk8 - A quick video of the Beyer-Garratt-powered mail train, video by member Geoff Cullison.
* youtube.com/watch?v=p9d39xXulfo - Video #636 "How It Works" for more details.
* track2.com/ingram/plans/206/206a.intro.shtml - PLANS to build this unit.
* youtube.com/watch?v=2TBqTdSyohM - Later version of this same video on YouTube (same contents, slightly different comments in video).
* For other AutoControls videos, visit the AutoControls.org video page.
All MUSIC used in this video is LICENSED from FreePlayMusic.com; a copy of the license is shown at end of the video. This iMovie video was assembled 4/2/2010 (updated to Rev B on 4/6/2010, description 4/15/2010) by JamesRobertIngram.com (aka AutoControls.org, aka Track2.com, aka RailVideos.org).

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