Back in early 2009, I stopped by at a Mill in Daylesford Victoria Australia to have a bit of fun with the video function in my 5DMKII and without much planning, I found myself interviewing the Owner for a mini doco. Barry is a Beekeeper, who not only makes Honey but creates everything he needs to make the Honey. That includes growing the timber to mill into bee boxes etc. Over the years he has collected a bewildering array of surplus including steam engines (which run the sawmill's kiln) hundreds of cars and industrial tools. Barry is an amazing character that typifies hardworking country Australians & his story is entertaining & engaging to listen to.

I initially didn't feel that what I did was good enough for release because it was hand held, using the 1.04 firmware, no external sound gear etc. I also had left the Image Stabiliser on by mistake which made the audio pretty ratty. However, Barry's story is so great and his workplace is fascinating that I've changed my mind.

Shot entirely on a Canon 5DMKII, no lighting was used. It's all available light on a day that was pretty wet and cold. The "Beekeeper" was edited in Final Cut Pro where I did add some colour adjustments here and there. Mostly though, the image is as shot. To clean up the audio, I used Soundtrack Pro where I was able to sample the IS Noise and reduce it.

I actually went back to visit Barry a few months later, this time with a Dolly and Lights, proper Sound Gear etc. I shot a lot of new footage but afterwards I didn't include it because it took away the honestly and simplicity of this Raw version. Adding a Dolly and making it look so slick sometimes changes your perception and it starts to look manufactured and not real. Let me know what you think.

Perhaps in the future I will add the second version as a comparison. For now though, enjoy "The Beekeeper"

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