A day of my life. Filmed as I saw the World around me and keep seeing it that way.

I filmed the little things in Life. The beautiful things in Life.

I love My World. The World I am living in. With all the bad things that happen every day.

I know that the good things are much, much more and I tried to capture them.

Life is Beautiful. I want to show you.

With this video I won a Scholarship in IED Milan (Instituto Europeo di Design).

Most of the music tracks are by Moby (always incredible music)
The footage is made by me. I don't pretend to have copyright. Ideas has no copyright. The free things in life are the most valuable ones.


STEPHAN PANEV - a very talanted Bulgarian DJ that helped me with the music (without him it wouldn't be the same film)

MY FAMILY - that didn't know I was filming this (it was a secret) but it is always beside me anything I do. Thank you.

MY FRIENDS - you are making the World around me.

LOVE - that gives me inspiration every single day.

MY WORLD - The World as it is and I adore it.

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