On Saturday, March 20th, Indigoverse & Adellacosplay.com got together to conduct a session for the Princess Aurora shoot in downtown Riverside.
Unfortunately, the Mission Inn is very irresponsible about who answers the phone in the name of P.R. & Marketing which resulted in getting a green light to shoot, but then quickly became a red light when we arrived for the shoot. As usual, we salvaged the shoot and even added the Sakura Cherry Blossoms at Balboa Park as a second location.

Princess Aurora Model: Leah Quillian
Costume/ Hair/ Videographer: Sarah Quillian (a.k.a. "Adella")
Lighting Assistant/ Makeup/ Videographer: JoEllen Elam (a.k.a. "Lillyxandra")
Key Finder/ Hero of the Day: Matthew Mercer (a.k.a. Matt, Cloud, etc)
Photographer/ HD Videographer: Indigo Verse (a.k.a. "Indi")

©Indigoverse Productions/Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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