Twenty10, Official Proof. This was a recap video highlighting one of our first urban trips of the season to _________ as we film for our full length snowboarding feature, "Tick Tock". Here is the recap/teaser from that trip, just to give you a taste of what is to truly come.

This trip included the following and in no particular order: busted ankles, collarbones, black ice, banks, coffee, backyards, handrails, generators, cops, 360 degree car butters, late nights, early mornings, scouting, caravans, gas pumps, Subway, cup of noodles, Spencer Whiting (an event in itself), front flips, trees, more cops, bungees, lots of watches, and an unbelievable time.

95% Shot on Canon 5D Mark II
5% Canon HV30 (secondary cameras)

Crews Involved in Full Length Project:
I Heart Snow Productions
NDifferent Films
Grow Up Productions
Hot Dog Productions
Freestyle Media Division

Stay tuned as we plan to release a full movie teaser sometime throughout the summer and the movie beginning of Fall Twenty 10.

Special Thanks:
Song Link:

Freestyle USA
Performance Timing
Rock Out with Your Clock Out
Media Division
"Tick Tock"

For more information visit:

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