For proper Quality, download the huge ass file ! ;)

I have been away for 6 months because of injury in finger and other various stuff. So apart from 1 hour of bike testing this is my first proper ride .

Mainly trying to get the feel back in, some power is there but not like i had, its fairly hard mentally when i try to push.

Pretty hard for me to get proper video footage when i am riding and filming it, but got some decent stuff.

Also got a new frame, i just feel right at home with this frame, love it !

Have a view and check it out by watching it by opening eyes/ears and looking and stuff like that you know.

Thx to Caelifera,Trialtech,Allsport Dynamics,TNN Engineering, Trialspads and Syntace .

Also thx to Eirik Ulltang for pushing the Rec button several times, and doing some small panning for me =D

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