Cut Knife City

The first time I laid eyes on Eamon McGrath was through a blaze of crackling fire over a brandy-soaked bar. He was playing an electric guitar, using a drink glass for a slide and when he roared lyrics, one hand would shoot up to the ceiling as if to make a proclamation of sorts. The most recent, was this St. Patrick’s day as he jogged out of the Epcor theatre – guitar in hand – after performing the Alberta songwriter’s showcase for this session.

One of the most intriguing things about McGrath has always been the equal opportunity to see him sitting down, in your finest wear or in a basement dank, amidst the thrash, never quite knowing if you’re going to get puked on. Coming off a winter where he prepped a new record (to be released this summer) and a couple of dates with Daniel Johnston, McGrath joins White Whale label mates in Europe this summer. His music is troublesome and gritty and he takes it all over the world, meeting new band members (sometimes the night of the gig) while playing his countless catalog of country, blues, folk and punk.


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