Studio works:
Happy Paradise(set design, stop-motion, 2D animation)
Starbucks(cell animation)
IDN 100's(stop-motion shooting and cell animation)
SUSPECT logo animation(direction, design, animation)
//works developed at suspect tv
Levis Water Less(design, stop-motion animation)
//developed at Mssng Peces
Amos Lee "Flower"(set design artist)
//Developed at kneeon

Personal works:
Roue((direction, design, animation, puppet)
Just Wanna Say-MV(co-direct, design, and animate with Shiouwen, puppets)
Leaking, Inbetween(set design, puppet, stop-motion)
undertone(cell animation, claymation)
self-portrait(cell animation)

Music: The Daily Match by Lali Puna

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