Drawellink Places

Travel sign and sign travel – trips from standardised to unique garments

“He was graceful and swift of motion. On his feet were winged sandals, wings were on his low-crowned hat, too, and on his magic wand, the Caduceus. He was Zeus’s Messenger, who flies as fleet as thought to do his bidding.” Hermes, the god of travelling, the protector of the traders and hikers, was looking also for us, when we walked through Greece, studied for one Erasmus term at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Since this time we became modern nomads of everyday life, always on the move between Barcelona and Berlin. We are on an interdisciplinary journey between painting and fashion-design, two-and three-dimensionality. Painting is not anymore bound by the flat, it inspects and develops space. Drawing everywhere and nowhere is the focus of our interest, the centre of our project. In our mobile society the seeing is more than ever reduced to a hasty impression, captured by a digital snapshot. Our project is an answer to this inflation of digital photos, which flood our hard disks and fall into oblivion. What would happen, if the experiences, the places and the people could directly write, scribble, draw on the travel companions, the things which join us? What would be, if the time would have more scope to leave traces, enough free zone to create a different aesthetics which is in motion against the disposable consumption? An aesthetics which revives the culture of the luggage labels, which expands the badge culture. “White” as “drawing paper” plays an important role in our collection. It is asking for interaction and messages, it is waiting to be worked on and personalized. It is a request to communicate with the environment, in the public. The bags and the clothes are supposed to become a part of the person wearing them and his or her history. The time is drawing. Its travel signs result in the transformation from standardised to unique garments. Everybody needs something native in the anonymity of the “global village”. An Allrounder Bag, what can be big and small, wearable on the back, over the shoulder or around the body, a travel companion, that can be backpack, handbag as well as clothes, might become in the everyday life of our society a cult object. Mobility is lifestyle and life concept. We designed inspiring everyday objects, which will grow to favourites and which will have a soul by carrying the spirit of our times: An Office-Picnic-Land Bag what offers the workaholic the possibility to take a seat, a place on the sun; A Travelart Bag what interprets “The Fine Art of Travelling” as an art travel. There are sketch pads that one can take along on the trips, the pages of which become patterns for garments. The clothing silhouettes turn to the canvas of the painter, on which he draws by silk-screen printing, textile pens and sewing machine. The drawing set out on a journey from the flat to the space, replaces the walls of the graffiti culture with the human body. Joan’s monster and characters grow out of a 20 cm small illustration over relief prints and embroidery to a 2 m high giant, which turns round the body like a patron saint of the traveller. The drawing itself becomes a pattern, a garment, takes shape. The monsters also in the form of pads and mascots in the inside of pockets want to leave traces everywhere. Their desire for expansion can just hardly be stopped. How far a human can travel in one day, in one year – in 80 days around the world or in 90 minutes around the earth?


Fashion Designer: Karen Scholz
Artist: Joan Tarragó


Respect Copyright, Encourage Creativity!

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