Project: The Mill Game Trailer
Production Company: The Mill London
Director: Arran Green - London

Background: The Mill in London, have a new game reel by executive creative producer, Arran G. The reel is promoting the creative game work for The Mill. We created 100% of the sound design for this project. Our involvement was for this reel only and not the original in-game, TV or Cinema spots. We have a long background in game audio, and have worked on 25 game titles before we evolved into Radium Audio.

How we did it: During 2009, we started to work more on writing our own software for producing and shaping sounds. This game trailer is the first tentative steps of our new shape, mould and gesture software. This allows us to physically shape our sounds using gestural movements and give us more control over how we shape our sounds to picture. Our in-house sound designers worked hard on shaping up the source material and then applying this to picture.

Sounds we created include: Sound Design Score... The future of advertising sound design.

music & sound:

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