Marlie's first birthday fell on Easter. We stopped by Largo Central Park only to find it very crowded. Thankfully Taylor Park is only a couple miles away and has a nice wooded are where we can avoid the crowds.

As we were sharing some apples, 3 women spotted us and were curious. I invited them over to pet the pigs and learned that they were visiting from Wisconsin and had been hoping to spot some of the alligators in the lake.

They hung out for a little while and I told them a bit about what it's like having a herd of TeaCup pigs in the house.

Of course the current marketing name of TeaCup only describes the size of newborn pigs but some breeders are making a lot of money by telling people that their pigs will stay as babies forever. (Many people believe them!)

For anyone interested in TeaCup Pigs please check out to learn all about them.

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