Design & Animation: Cai Matthews
Audio capture & production: Kiel Long
Audio composition: Cai Matthews

This is the standard screen format version of the dual screen exhibition piece.

PERCEPTA is a piece of A/V design in which the visual aesthetic and audio output are direct results of data created from reading and analysis of key perceptual functions that occur within us at an unconscious, automatic level. Though by their very nature these processes are both silent and invisible, Percepta attempts to represent their complexity, density, dynamics and ultimately their beauty.

The audio for the piece is created using data gathered from the Primary Auditory Cortex and Cerebral Cortex of the brain using an electroencephalograph or ‘EEG’, while processing audio and visual information. This data is then processed to produce a piece of audio design that captures the complexity and volume of the brains activity.
While the audio of the piece is centred upon the internal processes of our perception of environments, the visual aesthetic of the piece attempts to communicate our physiological connection with the world by making reference to geological and biological structures and events. The visuals of the piece are created using a combination of expressions and numerical data gathered from the ‘EEG’ with a range of graphical software and hardware, and are influenced by the aesthetics of generative digital art.

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