The short film, Memoirs of a Stinky Sofa is at long last done.

If you want to whet your whistle, check out the opening credits I animated here. Some of you may not be shocked that it features a woman who is about 45 feet tall for her age:

The credits are safe for work, the film itself has some f-bombs and things that might make it nsfw if you work in that kind of place.

You can download the whole blooming movie for free off of itunes, right here:

Please help us by passing this along, Re email it. Tweet it, post it on facebook. Please anything you can do would help.

Here's the facebook group you can join if you like.

Also, look for our upcoming feature length flick, Raymond Did It to start shooting in June.

If you'd like to help with funding Raymond, or know of other ways you can help our flick, please let us know! You can donate here:

Thank you ever so much. I hope our trifle of a film brought some levity to your day.

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