Jonathan Paine Demo Reel 2009 Breakdown List


Ice Age:

Oscar maquette sculpture
Texturing on Glyptodon and Freaky Mammal (long necked beast) and the lava hot tub.
Jennifer (female sloth) Sculpted Maquette and modeled Head mesh.
Modeled human female Nadia
Sculpted hand maquette and modeled human male Runar .
Modeled various other props.

Senior Character Modeler worked on character team and directly contributed to modeling of the following characters
Remy, Linguini, Larousse, Colette, Guesteau, Lalo, Serge, Desiree (Remy's mother), Baby Rat, and female food critic.


Modeled background buildings

The Incredibles:

Sculpted Maquettes of Nomanisan Island, Syndrome neutral, squash and stretch busts.

Modeled pre production Nomanisan Island

Modeled the following characters:
Jack Jack, Syndrome, Helen, Violet, Rick Dicker, Mrs Hogenson, numerous background children. Snug the pilot, Buddy Pine and his jet boots and Xerek


Modeled pre production designs for Ellie and The House. Models are unavailable.



Modeled all character except the snake. Also customized the truck.

One Man Band:

Modeled all the heads for the three characters. Tippy, Treble and Bass.


Modeled 3 characters, Stu, Instructor and human.

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