Shannon Gillen & Guests
All Rights Reserved 2010

Performers: Xan Burley, Janna Diamond, & Stephanie Miracle

'Wall #1' contends with the body’s condition in pressurized states and explores the physical and psychological relationships inherent in the interface between the body and the plane of a wall. Bodies will fold, smash and levitate as though guided by an outside force. Imagining the body as a magnetized vessel, the dancers will experience directional influence; their heads and hands gliding along the wall or their spines pulled along the floor. Current studio investigations also focus on connecting how the brain processes thought to movement in the body. By relating dense thought to hyper-muscular states and neutral thought to slackened states, we are investigating the way we can embody this act of rendering, much like the creative process utilized by the project's sound artist, Brian Whitman. 'Wall' is being developed as a site specific work that will however, change locations. In each location, dancers will allow their interpretations of the space and environment to inform adjustments in the work. Timing, direction, duration and implementation of movement will be affected by the site

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