#1) VIEW LARGE! Full screen. Do this by clicking on the little 'em-biggen' symbol in lower right corner.

#2) COMMENT! If you view please comment! I spent endless hours on this and my only reward is your comments. What do you like / don't like about it? Anything about it surprise you? Were you at the party?

#3) The photos are from both Tricia's Camera and my camera, almost all photos were taken by either Tricia or I although a few may have been shot by someone else. I FINALLY got Tricia to share all her pix with me so that I could create a new slide show since the original only had my pix.

#4) Tricia's son Grady has the unbelievable honor to be going to bethel in a few weeks, this was his going away party. Good job Mom in raising your kids in the truth! I can't believe what superstars you and your kids are, I'm SO glad I got to go to this party (Thank you Dillon too). And I'm so thrilled to know you Tricia, to share love for photography, and to collaborate on this slide show with you.

#5) There is so much to say about the making of this slideshow that I was thinking I should just do a 'DVD menu extra's' Style 'directors comments'. Otherwise it is impossible to discuss everything that went into making this; All the endless difficult decisions to be made . . I just hope somebody besides Tricia likes this and comments. (Araceli: Please don't tell me I spend too much time on this stuff and not enough in you-know-where, I know)

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