Just a few rough clips from yesterday evenings walk with our Japanese Tosa (Tosa INU) called Beau ("Bow").

Beau is obsessed with hunting Skink Lizards in case you were wondering what he is looking for in the bushes.

Although the Japanese Tosa breed is better known for it's champion / unbeatable dog fighting skills, with humans they are the most loving breed you can ever have. He sleeps in our bed and is the most affectionate dog we have ever had (55Kg worth of affection!! ;)

Shot on the Sony EX1 at 720p 24p & 720p 60p for the slow-mo (of which 95% is done in slow-mo)

Graded with Magic Bullet Looks. Although at sunset the light is actually that colour here!



P.S - Also featuring my pregnant wife Laura and best friend David.

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