A lip sync animation for my portfolio. The dialogue comes from the underrated disney classic, Treasure Planet, and the character is the last remaining timelord from the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation Kasterberous...."the Master," I think his name was?

I knew from the moment I found about this clip, I wanted to do something like this.

So why this particular version of this particular character? For some reason, not only was he the easiest one for me to draw, but his nose (which has apparently "been worse") and his chin ("blimey") made him distinctive enough for a caricature (not that that can be inferred from a pencil test). After all, one of my biggest gripes with the comics based on this character is that the art often looks nothing like the actors portraying the character!!!!

So, here's to Doctor Who Series 5/Season 31. Who else thinks it'll going to be totally awesome?!

Note: the Doctor (and the Tardis, by extension) belongs to the BBC, the sound clip belongs to Disney. For exhibition purposes only.

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