I'm fascinated by Jesus' first miracle. Ancient Israeli weddings lasted several days—which required time, money, and resources to contribute to the celebration.

On day three of one specific nuptial that Jesus attends, they run out of wine—not only embarrassing, but devastating to the family honor. Mary, Jesus' mom, asks Jesus for help.

At first reluctant, Jesus instructs the servants to draw water from the jar and take it to the headwater.

Somewhere between the faucet and the palette, a miracle takes place. The common water becomes choice wine in seconds. Normally, producing choice wine takes years—Jesus goes beyond the realm of time to perform a miracle and further display that he was the Son of God.

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Margaret Feinberg is a popular Bible teacher and speaker at churches and leading conferences such as Catalyst, Thrive and Extraordinary Women. Her books and Bible studies have sold over 600,000 copies and received critical acclaim and extensive national media coverage from CNN, the Associated Press, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and more.

She was recently named one of 50 women most shaping culture and the church today by Christianity Today, one of the 30 Voices who will help lead the church in the next decade by Charisma magazine and one of the ’40 Under 40’ who will shape Christian publishing by Christian Retailing magazine. Margaret currently lives in Morrison, Colorado, with her husband, Leif and their superpup, Hershey.

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