A tragic hero exists in parallel worlds where the line between friend and foe has become skewed. A young woman who dreams about true love sets her sights on the object of her obsessions. A relentless figure known as the Commodore roams the land with impunity, inching closer to total victory.

Starring: Amanda Shalhoub, Giovani Knox and Billy Judge Baldus

Directed by Tate Bunker, Produced by Billy Judge Baldus

Judges Choice and Audience Choice winning film at The Milwaukee Mad March Music Mini-Film Festival 2010.

Credits: Tate Bunker, Amanda Shalhoub, Giovani Knox, Tami Williams, Ryan Baker, Jackie Carlson, Anna Stone, Monica Yee, Kristi Tarintino, Joseph Strand, Rick Clark, Kyle White, Billy Judge Baldus, Shane Frederick Wagner, Garrick Malachi Karpinski

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