Dutch classroom project for my son and his friends. Inspired by VPRO's 'Achterwerk in de kast' format.
More info, in dutch: ietsmetfilm.nl/qK

Some tech info:
I used this project to test The Foundry's FCP Keylight 2.0 keyer ( thefoundry.co.uk/ ). It did an amazing job on clean greenscreen shots but not on problematic shots like the green curtains (yikes!) that turned out semi-transparent and brownish. The interface is very user unfriendly and lacks a graphic interface. My MacBook Pro was also often out of memory, clearly this plugin needs a big MacPro. Please note I was in a rush and used one key setting for all shots! Should be a lot better if I had more time.

The backgrounds are from Apple's Photo Booth and BoinxTV.

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