Hearts Content is a lovely, old growth stand of 300 to 400 year old white pine, hemlock, and beech in Allegheny National Forest, western Pennyslvania.

The Traveler

Music and Lyrics by Ronnye Russell (1951-1994)
Guitar and Vocals by Cathy Ginter

Oh, I traveled this long road
Toward where a light showed
In the distance a way to go,
And I wonder who is traveling
As the road is unraveling
Along with all the selves I seem to know.

Oh, this road grows out of the heart
And winds back to meet it again
At the place where the traveler knows
That he and the road are the same.

Then, a voice said, "Within you,
There is no distance.
There is no reason to travel, to seek,
Right here is that beacon.
Here is that wisdom.
There is no place untouched by me."

Oh, eyes look again,
Oh, mind gather in,
This road ends in an ocean of light.
Oh, heart plunge within,
Scatter thoughts to the wind
And awaken from the soul's dark night.

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